A Taste of Love

“This is Love” started in a dream as communal improvisation full of choral ecstasy. Of the parts I managed to recall, a little songlet grew wings as I improvised on the tune with my social-justice-dialogue choir, Voices21C, during our tour of Israel/Palestine later that summer.

Specifically, I was asked to improvise a tune to one of Rumi’s poems:
“This is Love:
To fly towards a secret sky
To cause 100 veils to fall each moment
First, to let go of life
Finally, to take a step without feet” ~ Rumi
(from The Works of Shams of Tabriz, 13th c.)

I feel so humbled and grateful to have been asked to meditate on these words in song form so many times, backed up by a symphony of singers.
Just about every chance I got to try it out, I felt a portal to a different plane open in me, purifying my voice and turning me into a channel for those words, and with them the possibility of existing with a blindingly open heart.

In this recording, I’m tying that portal to another that always opens for me under the starthick sky one can only experience quite far from a city nexus, with a rising filigree of smoke.

I’ll be streaming the whole track here soon, but for now it will be available for purchase on CD Baby & Apple Music as well as streaming Spotify. And here’s a little sampler, as promised: