Surefire Cure Newsletter ~A New Single~

Hello friends, colleagues, family, frozen northerly companions, the time has come to revive the Surefire Cure mailing list!My website is live again, thanks to the efforts of Michael Vermette, with shiny new art from Anna Martel, a member of a Somerville Arts Coop called the Ministry of Bad Decisions, which currently houses my teaching collective, the WholeTone Music Academy.  Wrap your brain around all those tasty names, eh?  If you’d like to hear more about what I’m up to, be sure to follow my Instagram, surefirecure, since that’s the first place I go to announce gigs, projects, and meditative musings.  There are also throwbacks to sweet summer moments like a solo from the Choralies festival in France and highlights from tour in Germany & France with Rafael Natan & Anais Azul.

However! I have an important announcement and some equally important questions for you.  Time is of the essence here.  You see, I’ll be releasing a new recording ~tomorrow~ of my original song documenting dialogue between some of my lighter and darker selves, “Lullaby for a Nihilist”

In these days nearing the apex of seasonal darktimes, nigh even to the end of an entire decade, I ask you to turn towards your shadow side for a few spacious moments and ask yourself how you bounce between honoring contrasting slivers of self.

These three questions in particular sat heavily with me a couple years ago:

1) If ignorance is bliss & suffering is pointless, how do we know anything at all?
2) If everything that ends is only a beginning, how can we feel anything at all?
3) If there’s nothing new to say and silence is courageous, how can we say anything at all?

Not to keep you in suspense for too long; I will be sending you a response in song-form in just about 24hrs.

How would you, dear reader, respond to a voice that asked you such things??

I am awfully curious to know…

Thanks so incredibly much to Natan Wythe for recording all the layers of these songs. I could not have possibly recorded them with any other engineer friend, I’m quite convinced.  Also there are more to come, trickling into your inbox every month or two this coming year 🙂  Or if you’d prefer not to hear from me in this digital format, just let me know and I’ll remove you from my list.

May your joy bucket never be empty,