Jumping on the Band(camp) Wagon

Hi there digitally connected friends, family, colleagues, students, larks, and ravens,
Happy May Day!
Merry May!
Blessed Beltane!
So much cause for taking notice of this day.
I hope you and yours are all well and breathing as easily as one can in these times.
If you are at all able, I hope you’ll be able to stand in solidarity with those who are striking today at Amazon, WholeFoods, Target, Instacart, Fedex, and Shipt to demand safer work conditions during the pandemic. 
“Among the strikers’ demands are compensation for all unpaid time off used since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March; hazard pay or sick leave pay to be provided for the duration of the pandemic; personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to be provided at all times by the company; and full corporate transparency on the number of cases in facilities.” – FastCompany
Seems reasonable, eh?
So let’s buy small if we buy at all, rerouting funds to small businesses and local cultural creators! 
In that spirit, a shameless plug of my own:
Today Bandcamp is waiving their usual fees so that artists such as my self who have been impacted by Covid-19 can receive more support. So! I figured I’d post a song of mine, This is Love, with new art inspired by the track, created by my dear friend Sonia Begonia.
Isn’t it dreamy? Kinda cosmic, kinda makes your nervous system feel like you’re flying and falling at the same time – which is exactly the feeling Sonia said she had when listening to my song, This is Love, and lo! a visual art was born!
Sonia also has an extensive selection of items on Society6. I’m a particular fan of her prints on leggings, but they are also amazing on floor pillows, yoga mats, etc. Sonia is an incredibly open hearted artist, a ray of sunshine of a supportive friend who tends to make her friends beam with delight when in her presence. She is terrible at self promotion, however, so please visit her site and send her some love!
Lastly, I’ll have a new single coming out in about a month: Just Dive. This one is an ironically whimsical tune allllll about the joys of executive dysfunction, and how to have acceptance of your mental state, no matter how heavy it may be in the moment. 
Be ready for a single release virtual performance of some kind. If you have ideas about what you want in a virtual performance with a mental health theme these days, I’m definitely curious to hear your thoughts.
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