Hello friends!

First! There’s a beautiful choral group I’m about to be traveling with to Israel & Palestine this August called Voices 21C. It’s a semi-classical and semi-improvisation based chamber choir, dedicated to compassion, nonviolence, and social justice. While we tour the Holy Lands we will present concerts on both sides of the conflict, work with Combatants for Peace, and engage in music education for youth choirs at programs in Jerusalem and Galilee. As a music educator this is one of the most exciting cross-cultural experiences I could imagine! We hope to truly engage with the people we are visiting; to sing together as a means of introducing ourselves and opening the door to deeper conversations. 
We are being supported by a grant from the US State Department, but unfortunately it doesn’t cover all of our costs. Having more music dedicated to infusing peaceful companionship and understanding into such a wartorn area is so important, and I hope you’ll help us spread the word about our efforts, even if you don’t have the means to contribute to our journey.  However!  I have found a donor who will match contributions up to $500, so please send even small amounts to help me reach my total $1000 goal and they will go twice as far! 
We only have our campaign up on Generosity until this coming Monday July 17th, so there are only a few days left to contribute! EEK! 
Second! I’ll be performing operatically at a super rad event next Saturday July 22nd, 8pm, called MoonSong2: Dark Side of the Song. Think of it as your after party for Boston’s Figment arts festival earlier that day. Many of the artists presenting work at Figment will be in attendance. There will be DJs, operatic performances, shadow puppetry, & custom cocktails, all themed around the dark, transformative phases of the moon. Also: keep your eyes peeled for the glowing, sound-reactive mushroom sculpture, ready to interact with you at the party!
Oh and thank you to all who came out to MoonSong1 at Journeyman restaurant last month and made it not just a fun & fancy dinner concert, but a kickass party as well! MoonSong2 is the last main fundraiser for The Werewolf, WholeTone Opera’s Halloween production, so please come out and support new operas written by and featuring female & non-binary people!  Tickets $25.  Location near Sullivan Sq TBA to ticket holders. Creative attire in gothic theme encouraged.  Auditions for the opera are now posted, btw.
​Third! My progressive electronica band, Glass Mannequins, just released a music video! Audio Fuzz likes it:  “…that smoothness, that slow flowing ever changing beauty of old glass windows, the reflection glass causes, the chance that the beauty might explode.  I truly love this band.  Their sound is so unique.”  Here it is on the YouTube: Dark MatterThis is the band where I get to wear my moody violin hat the most 🙂  We’ll next be playing the Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub in Central Sq, Cambridge later this month, July 28th in fact, along with Vinny Vegas, Killer Cortez, and Middle Mountain.
​Fourth! My SureFireCure Soundcloud is now live with a fresh, raw track added today!! It’s a roughrough demo of a young baby track but I really wanted to show you all what I’ve been writing lately. This one has been gestating for a year (almost to the day) and really means a lot to me. It is relevant to my journey to volunteer & protest at Standing Rock, ND, last year, so if you were looking for a distillation of my thoughts surrounding that experience this might be as close as one can get in a 5 min timespan. 
Next! In the next issue I cannot WAIT to reveal Petting Kazoo, an experimental multi-instrumental folk/classical/absurdist collaboration with Rafael Natan! For those who saw our first show at Weird Folk Fest Allston by Aeronaut, thanks so much for coming out. Couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming audience for our debut performance.
​​U​ntil next time, firestarters!
​~ Nora

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