Harvard Common Spaces

what a lovely stage we got to play on today! complete with a freshly tuned piano for the occasion, what lux treatment. thanks @clubpassim for inviting @anaisazul to play for your #harvardcommonspaces lunchtime series; it was delicious to be along for the ride, backing them up along with @flightorvisibility. This was my third time playing the cajon on stage and I’m so hooked! In other news, I’ve been a bit sickly lately and am super grateful to have excellent health insurance thru masshealth, and also amazing friends like Anaís who make sure my schedule is full of bitchin gigs even when I don’t have the spoons to do much booking for myself. I’ll still be releasing another of my own tunes later this month tho, and I’ll have a few philosophical quandaries to put to you in preparation. get your thinking caps ready… #lunchtime #smithcampuscenter #cajon #sicklycute#unicorntearslipstick @ Smith Campus Center