The Art of Being Human

Mind so blown! I JUST finished a truly rewarding couple days of meditation training with @shambhalaboston in The Art of Being Human, really feeling the glow of allowing more joy (along with all experience) into my awakeness! It turns out that being with myself more fully and walking away from personal addictions also means returning to a practice of talking to myself a bunch (heyo, only child right here) rather than compulsively seeking a constant soundtrack or news update to attach myself to. Talk about a surefirecure if there ever was one, for real. Next up, I’m headed to The Strand Theater in Dorchester, so glad I’ll have the opportunity to experience this socially relevant opera! Thank you so much @ukrainka_m for inviting me to hear you rock this as concert master, and to @lidiyaconductor for helping making sure such projects are receiving the visibility they deserve. I’m so proud to know you both @ Strand Theatre (Dorchester, Massachusetts)