Community Over Consumption

Feeling the inhumanity of late capitalism?? Community Over Consumption to the rescue! Ava, Yui, and Destiny will open your hearts so so wide, you won’t know what hit you. Aaaand then there’s Ani Arias-Aragon<3! I’ll be joining my duet partner Rafael Natan in Petting Kazoo, playing with Anaís Azul in one of their last performances before moving out west – a bittersweet occasion if ever there was one! I have truly loved being along for the ride, truly inspired watching them grow ever more into their power in the Boston area & abroad. We will send them off to be embraced by a thriving artistic community, inevitably to blossom yet further, if I know them. This event heralds the end of an era, and the promise of the continuation of much love that has been cultivated – let’s spread our seeds wide and reap a harvest of songs from coast to coast – or at least make some really nifty events in the next year to tempt Anaís to come back to visit, eh?